Clara Plantin

Ski enthusiast with focus on giving your guests a completely unique holiday

Service minded ski guide with a sense of maintaining control in a busy day
As a ski guest through many years, I have encountered your company several times and I am sending you an unsolicited application and hope to be taken into consideration as a ski guide with you in the 2021/22 season. I have been skiing 1-2 weeks a year my entire life and I would absolutely love to spend my sabbatical year in the alps.
As a ski guide, I will use my experience in the alps to give the guests the best holiday memories. With this experience I will be able to help those who just started skiing pensioners, young people, families, groups, singles, etc.) and then those who have been skiing for several years as myself. I care about people and find their differences and quirks fun and challenging. It also gives me energy to solve unforeseen tasks in a busy day, so that the guests have a good experience and therefore are more likely to return. This summer I am finishing 3rd grade at Soreo Academy School as a boarding student this summer and would like to have a sabbatical year in the alps. This autumn, I have signed up for the basic education BS1 and BSI2 at the Danish ski school, with the interest of subsequently getting a job in the alps.
Solid competencies within the service Industry
In addition to my knowledge of life in the alps, you will be able to draw on my many years of experience in the service industry. My focus has always been to advise my costumers and give them an experience and feeling of satisfaction from start to finish through the sales process, where I can uncover different interest needs and find the best solution for the individual customer. You will be able to benefit greatly from these qualities when I hopefully get the pleasure of servicing your guests.
Energetic team player who loves to learn new things and meet new people.
It you choose me, you get a guide who is outgoing, provides a good mood and with that a great environment for both learning and having fun. I am always curious about new things and meet challenges with a smile. I am good at talking to new people and have a reputation for being easy and efficient to work with. – at the same time, I am independent and I am use to great amounts of responsibility from prior employment.
If my application has woken interest or if you have questions, you can contact me on my email: or my phone number: +4529390945
Clara Plantin Kristensen
Mail: Phone number: 29390945

About me

Clara Plantin Kristensen
Danish instructor levels:
Currently no levels
Snowsports I teach: 
Alpine skiing
Countries I prefer: 
All countries
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Full season!

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